Race Wraps FAQ

What is a New Vision Race Wrap?

The New Vision race wrap process is a custom designed wrap created by award winning artists, produced with premium materials to create the best wrap in the world.

How fast is the turn around time?

Turn around times may vary depending on the time of year.  We ask for your due date up front to make sure that we're able to meet everyone's deadlines throughout the year. Orders are managed this way we can provide the fastest service to all of our customers.

Does the color of my race car matter?

The colors of your car are used to help determine the colors used in the design of your wrap scheme. We want to use colors that will help accent what you currently have as most wraps do not wrap every inch of the car.

How can I place a reorder?

Simply CLICK HERE to fill out our reorder form. Most reorders before 10:00 AM CST ship the same day.

Can I just reorder a certain piece of my car?

Yes, the reorder form allows you to order just what you need.

What is the difference between HD and HD Ice?

    The HD race wrap product line is produced with a very thick and durable material with a high gloss finish. (matte finish available on HD)

    The HD-ICE adds a metallic finish over the entire surface similar to that of a bass boat. (glossy finish only on HD-ICE)

What about sponsors?

If you have sponsor logo files already, simply send those with your order and we will add those to your wrap. If your sponsors do not have logo files we can design a professional looking logo for them that will fit with the theme of your wrap.

Can I install the wrap myself?

Yes, once your wrap is shipped we will provide you with an easy, 'How to' installation guide.  For anyone with decal installation experience, wraps can actually be easier to install than the layered vinyl graphics of old.

How durable are your race wraps?

We use the thickest materials available in order to provide the toughest race wrap in the industry. Most tire rubs can be buffed out of our wraps, and generally your sheet metal will need replaced before your New Vision race wrap.

Will you provide a proof before you print my wrap?

Absolutely. We do not print anything until you are completely satisfied with your design and have approved the artwork via email with the full-color proof we provide.